General Card Information

Cards I Own

I am a collector and have been my entire life. Through this process I have ended up with many cards that simply take up space in an effort to build my own personal collection. First, I personally collect John Stockton cards. I like to think that I have the best Stockton Collection in the world! Overall I have close to 1 million cards in my personal collection, many of which I would love to trade for Stockton cards I do not own!. Here are a few of my favorite cards from my PC:

1) John Stockton Test Refractor

2) John Stockton Precious Metal Gems

3) John Stockton 2003 Topps 1/1

4) Stockton 1984 Autograph paper

5) 2003 Plaque Collection

I have many many more and these are just a few. At one time I had a goal of owning every single Stockton card. However, due to the massive amounts of modern parallels and the increase in card prices I doubt that will ever happen.

Cards I want

There are a few cards that I would still love to get own:

1) 1997 PMG emerald of /10. I have only had the opportunity to buy it a single time. I saw it in a card shop in Tokyo about 20 years ago. I wasn’t in a position to buy it then but I wish I had!

2) Stockton Prime Choice reserve /100.

I do have an eBay store here: If you ever see a card on it you may want and want to trade for a John Stockton, let me know and we can try to work something out!