How It Works

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Step one

Take a Picture

  • Take a simple picture of one or multiple cards
  • Upload the image to your collection
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Step Two

Review Cards For Accuracy

  • Our system automatically identifies and searches for the best match for each card in the image
  • Confirm the accuracy of the matches by selecting the most similar match
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Step Three

Manage Your Collection on the Web

  • Extensive search, filtering and sorting options
  • Track your collections value
  • Manage current and sold inventory
  • Easily export your collection or post to auction sites

Why us

Why Us

The only person you should trust with your collection is you.

Maybe you know your collection has gems or maybe you have no idea what you have, so why entrust it to a stranger? Hang on to your collection and trust yourself.

One Low Price for Your Collection; You can't beat free.

Consignment sellers charge you a fee for every card you sell. The more your collection is worth the more you pay, even though the seller isn’t providing you with any additional services. No one can beat our price of free for something that helps save you time.

Why Us

We Do All the Heavy Lifting

Looking for a full service collection management system without the hefty price tag?. We’ll identify cards, and give you access to a comprehensive collection management system making it easier to manage your physical collection too.

Why Us
Why Us

Minimize Your Time Investment & Maximize Your Collection Value.

Our pricing is based on the actual value your card can be sold for; not their book value or what the same card was worth in the past or even what the same card of different quality sold for yesterday.

Why Us

Simple Matching

Our matching is made as simple as possible by being 100% visual. Just match your card with the card that looks like it. Don't mess around with trying to find the details of your card to confirm a match.

We’ve Been There & We’re Listening

We understand the challenges of managing a card collection. How do you know what you have? How do you know which cards are worth protecting? How do you sell with so many parts? We’ve been there.

Why Us


This is a labor of love for the community. We have kept our costs extremely low in development as we are a team of one. Because of this we currently have no plans to monetize the product.


  • Unlimited Scans
  • Unlimited Bulk Scans
  • Unlimited eBay Postings
  • Unlimited Collections
  • Unlimited Cards

About Us

AXXs Driver

A portion of
my unorganized collection


We are Collectors first.

About Us

It all began when I was given a huge collection by my dad. I knew he had collected since my childhood, but I had no idea how much his collection had grown until there were over one million cards from multiple sports sitting in my garage. It wasn’t that I had no knowledge on cards. I actually knew a fair amount, but with rookies, inserts, parallels, numbered cards, relics, autos, and on card autos, my brain was working on overload.

The reality was selling my collection either meant massive amounts of time consuming and often less than fruitful research or crossing my fingers and hoping no one would take advantage of my obvious ignorance.

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Our Goal

There weren't any easy or quick solutions to my problem, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t create one. Manually identifying, researching, pricing, and then selling cards was just too slow. I had 3 main goals:



I needed to speed up identification. It was to slow to googling their brand, set number, player, copyright year, and card number. So I automated the process with an AI machine learning matching engine so identifying cards takes seconds.



Looking up compareable cards by searching for the card on eBay was too slow for every card. So I automated the process with built in search functions attatched to each card so searching up prices takes seconds.



Uploading an image to ebay, filling in details, deciding on a price, filling out shipping info was all taking too long. So I automated the process via an API that establishes a connection directly from my site to eBay so posting cards takes seconds.

General Card Info

Organizing A Collection

As your collection grows, it is important to organize it well so it is easy to inventory as well as find specific cards. Here I talk about different organizational strategies and indexing systems for larger collections. In addition to indexing, we talk about physical products (boxes, labels, top-loaders and more).


General Trading Info

In this series of articles we discuss the basics of card collecting. Each article will provide an in depth look into various aspects of the hobby.

  • How do I find information on a specific card?
  • How much is this card worth?
  • What variables contribut to the price of a card?
General Info

My Personal Collection

Here is where I talk about my personal collection. Honestly, it is a place to show off. If you are interested at all, come take a look! I am foremost a collector, not an investor, and my PC focuses primarily on John Stockton. The all-star point guard for the Utah Jazz, the state where I grew up!

My Pc

Should I Grade My Cards?

Card grading is one of the biggest topics in the hobby, primarily because of its potential to increase resale value of cards. However, it seems like a black hole of information because grading companies are so difficult to predict. In these articles we focus on science, statistics by looking at the numbers. We want the most scientific approach to an area of collecting that frequently disguises the truth. In this section we talk about many different aspects of card grading.

Card Trading

Selling Sports Cards

We all end up with cards that we don't want as much as another card or its cash value. Here we briefly talk about efficient ways to sell cards


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